Aarn ryggsekk Guiding Light 57L (S)

kr 2.899

Mellomstor sekk til klatring, fjell- og skiturer.  Justerbar rygg, 15 cm, vanntett innerliner og ryggstøtte som former seg etter ryggen. Utviklet i samarbeid med newzealandske fjellklatrere: En tight sekk med uovertruffen bærekomfort oppover i tau og nedover på ski. Til denne bør du velge en av Aarns mange frontsekker: Compact, Sport, Expedition, Photo Regular eller Photo Professional (selges separat). Det gir deg muligheten til perfekt vektfordeling og er en nytelse å gå med.  Se filmer og mer produktinformasjon lenger ned.

Vekt: 1700 gram

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Optimised for climbing, skiing, and hiking with trekking poles, Guiding Light allows dynamic movement and superb access to backcountry tools. 

Developed with NZ climbers, the Flow Motion harness systems allow superb agility, extend your reach and maximise your performance compared to other packs. 

The innovative bag design allows you to stow or remove tools without taking the pack off. The Rope Door behind your head allows you to feed in or play out rope as required. It doubles as a hydration port, with an easy access loop for holding your hydration bladder. The Tool Quivers on the sides allow ski attachment or allow access to ice tools, snow stakes, avalanche probe, trekking poles and compact tripods for photographers with the pacxk on.

Add any model of Balance Pockets for a less fatiguing approach, or perfect balance when skiing. Add Balance Gear Racks to take the weight of climbing hardware off your shoulders when climbing. (GL V.3)

 * 2 Backlengths with Instant Torso-adjust, 15cm range * U, Free, Multi and Flexi Flow * Waterproof Dri-liner * One compartment, lid/hydration pocket * Custom-mould Frame * True-fit shoulder straps, Flow-thru Stabilisers * Pelvic Form Hipbelt (M) * Web-loc compression * Instant access to ice tools and trekking poles * Attachments for ice axes, crampons, snowboard, skis, trekking poles (front and rear), helmet, carritools/ice clippers 


Volume (approx.) S 57 L               L 65 L

Weight max/min: S 1.87/ 1.75 kg  L 2/ 1.92 kg

Dimensions S (cm) Height: 70  Width: 40  Depth (front-back): 25

Dimensions L (cm) Height: 80  Width: 40  Depth (front-back): 25

Key Fabrics 500D codura nylon; 210D, 40D ripstop nylon

Colour Green/grey

 Options * All Balance Pockets, Gear Racks & Bags * Pelvic Form Hipbelt (S) (L) * X Flow chest straps 


The climbing community has not yet fully embraced your designs – climbers always comment on my pack and ask me how I find it. I just came off a guide’s course and all the other guides were most intrigued, saying I was the first person they had met who used one. There is a misconception that you can’t walk on rough ground (the thought being that you can’t see your feet) and people don’t understand that the front packs are removable, leaving a compressible lightweight pack for steep climbing.

 I’ve found the pack great! I’ve had trouble with my back for years and the difference in pain and muscle tension on long trips with heavy loads was very noticeable straight away. I walk much more upright under a load and find traditional packs horribly uncomfortable now. I’ve taken the pack on transalpine crossings, to Antarctica and up plenty of peaks and technical faces (recently up the South Face of Mt Cook). I was also happy to find a kiwi-designed pack that is made of lightweight materials and not canvas. The pack’s suffered some wear and tear but that is the trade-off with lightweight fabrics I guess. I also really like the tool quivers – they are very useful for quickly stashing a snow stake.

 Penny Goddard, Christchurch, NZ (one of our top female climbers)

 “Hi, Just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou! I recently bought a Guiding Light with Expedition Balance Pockets and took it on 5 days of tramping in NZ. I can honestly say that it is the most comfortable pack I have ever worn and the weight is truly on the hips as advertised. I walked faster, I was definitely more upright and did not suffer shoulder/back pain- it was a delight! I am very satisfied customer who is already raving to everyone I meet about Aarn packs!!”

 Liz Rode-Bramanis, Shell Cove,NSW, Australia

 “Carrying the Guiding Light with week’s worth of food and a comprehen-sive climbing rack (30 kgs) up the Hooker Glacier recently, I was more nimble and better balanced than my climbing companions. While the walk in was hard work, I had no sore shoulders or hips. When the crevasses required us to do two-tool climbs, the Flow Motion system allowed me to swing my tools above my head without restraint. The Balance Pockets were quite manageable in this terrain and I found them comfortable and very convenient. Camera, muesli bars and water bottle were all within easy reach. Once at the climbing base the Balance Pockets were easy to remove for the climb, reducing the carried weight. 

 I used the slots on the hipbelt to attach ice clips. With the firm location of the clips on the hipbelt, retrieving gear was quick, easy & reliable. On the long sections of glacier travel, the bulk and weight of ice screws and other rock protection was more comfortable on the hips than on my shoulders from a gear sling.

 Using the built-in tool quivers on the sides of the pack, I was able to single-handedly stow and retrieve ice tools and snow stakes. This is extremely useful where it is too precarious to take the pack off. I was working my way up a mixed rock and ice 55° gully with tools stowed recently. Whilst bridging the gully with my crampons on rock, I was able to use one hand to maintain balance, and the other to retrieve my snow stake and ice hammer from the pack, install the desired anchor, re-stow ice hammer and continue”. 

 Vaughn Snowdon, Christchurch, New Zealand

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