Aarn ryggsekk ultralight i Dyneema/Cuben Fibre (Bestillingsvare)

Det er mulig å bestille noen modeller av Aarn sekker og frontsekker i Cuben Fibre. Dette er spesialbestillinger som lages en og en med lang leveringstid.  Likevel er disse sekkene etterspurt av lettvektspakkere over hele verden.

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Produsentens beskrivelse

Cuben Fibre is a laminate of small Dyneema threads in a tough UV resistant Mylar sandwich. Dyneema is an ultra high molecular weight Polyethylene fibre with outstanding strength to weight characteristics and a price tag to match. This fibre is environmentally friendly and recyclable. It dosn’t absorb water. Unlike nylon and canvas it does not increase in weight when it gets wet.

 This material allows us to make packs that are considerably lighter. Cuben fibre costs between 7-12 times as much as the equivalent nylon materials used in backpacks. Packs made in this fibre in the USA can cost 3 – 4.5 times that of the same product in nylon.

We are offering only the models below in cuben in the latest versions (see photos of these versions in nylon fabrics). They are offered on a made-to-order, direct sale basis to make our prices more reachable. Our focus is bag simplicity without compromising biomechanics at all and to use the lightest fabrics and frames to achieve the highest load-carrying efficiency.

 We cannot give you an exact weight until we have made the model you order. The shoulder straps and hipbelts will be the same as our standard packs. These are already made of light, technical high-performance fabrics. 

Packs & Balance Pockets or Balance Bags are ordered separately or in combination. The colour is silver grey only. 

CUBEN MODELS (oversikt pr september 2016 – her kan det komme endringer)

 1. Models with Auto-form hipbelt 

    Marathon Magic 22L

    Marathon Magic 33L             

    Mountain Magic 40L         

    Light Embrace 45-S, 50-L 

 Light Embrace is a larger volume version of Mountain Magic. Features: Auto-form hipbelt, AR shoulder straps; Roll top; Waterproof Dri-liners; On-Adjust backlength: 6001 hollow T6 aluminium and titanium wire frames; U-Flow; Attachments for trekking poles, ice axe; Loops to attach optional accessories.

2. Model with Pelvic-form hipbelt 

 Natural Balance 63-S, 70-L 1224gms (includes Dri-liner)
Natural Balance  won the OUTDOOR GOLD AWARD in Germany in 2015


3. Balance Pockets options for all models:

Hipster Balance Pockets     4L

Marathon Balance Pockets 5.5L

Sport Pockets S 10L (includes dry liners)     gms, R 13L (includes Dri-liners) 350gm

Expedition Balance Pockets R (15 L) 320gms, L (18 Litres for longer torsos)    332 gms (includes Dri-liners)

4. Balance Bags for all brands of pack/child carrier

(with hipbelt & chest strap)

   Universal Balance Bags – 12L (includes Dri-liners).


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